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"There's nothing stronger
than the heart of a volunteer."
~James E. Doolittle/Alec Baldwin,
"Pearl Harbor"


The People Behind The Cher Convention
The convention was brought together by a small group of online fans from Cher's website, and Cher Email lists. This group donates their time and many expenses to bring you the Cher Conventions.

Judy Didelot from Indiana.
Instigated the Cher Convention.
  Auction, General Coordinator.

Kim Werdman from Texas.
  Entertainment, General Coordinator.

Linda Alamprese from California.
  Sponsors, General Coordinator.

Michael Werdman from Texas.
  Graphics, Lighting, Sound, Video.

Brad Wright from Calgary.
  Vendors, Volunteers.

Jill Gorecki from Texas.
  Registration 2008.
  Honorary staff member since 2002.

Char Smith from Texas.
  Hotel 2008.
  Honorary staff member since 1999.

Linda Vala from Illinois.
  Merchandise, Auction, Framing.
  Distinguished Honorary staff member 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008.

Mary Ladd from California.
  2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 Games, 2006 Registration and Tour.
  Honorary staff member in 2008.

Jody Cantwell from Michigan.
  One of the founders.
  2000 - 2004 registration, online auctions,  museum.
  Honorary staff member since 2004.

Fred Fisher, Edna Fisher, Robyn Fisher, Marina Fisher from Arizona.
  2000 - 2004 merchandise, framing.
  Honorary staff members since 2005.

The Website Host
Fred Seitz from Ohio.

The Press Release Man
Tim Ayers, LLC from Washington D.C.

The Charity
The Children's Craniofacial Association
Char Smith (Executive Director ), Jill Gorecki (Development Director)
and the Board of Directors have been instrumental in helping with their support.

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