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July 12th and 13th  Las Vegas
Riviera Hotel & Convention Center



The People Behind The Cher Convention

The convention was brought together by a small group of online fans from Cher's website, and Cher Email lists. This group donated their time and travel expenses to bring you Cher Convention 2002.

The Staff
Those who have worked year around.

 Judy Didelot from Indiana.
Instigated the Cher Convention.

    Jody Cantwell from Michigan.

    Kim Werdman from Texas.

     Linda Alamprese from California.

   Mike Werdman from Texas.

              Robyn Fisher, Fred Fisher, Edna Fisher,
              Marina Fisher
from Arizona,
              Brad Wright from Calgary.

Diana Fields (assisting with the auction and vendors) from Illinois.
James Heath (assisting with printing) from New Mexico.
Char Smith (honorary staff member) from Texas.


The Volunteers
Those who helped the days of the convention.

Dave Didelot from Indiana, Michael Didelot from Indiana, Patty Benedyk from California, Karen Gaddey from Indiana, Carol Henning from Texas, Bill McMullan from Calgary, Carolyn Hall from Illinois, Linda Vala from Illinois, Lana Chasca from Calgary,Brian Berlinguette from Edmonton, Ava Duering from Edmonton, Andy Bartowski from Pennsylvania, Randy McBrayer from Texas, Craig Goad from Texas, Cherie & Kathy DeWilde from Las Vegas, Michelle & Joshua Feather from Las Vegas, Ericka DeCiutiis from Rhode Island, Terry Stout from Texas, Rich Criscione from MarylandTravis & JoAnn Lubinski, Bob Strack, Rick.

The Impersonators

Wayne Smith from Texas.
Featured in the  Associated Press, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune, Global Television Network - Canada.

Cher 2Cher

Jeffrey Thomas from Illinois.
Featured in the Chicago Free Press and Newcity Chicago.


Amy Hohimer from Illinois.
Featured in USA Today, the Houston Chronicle, The Times, of India, WGN TV.


Catherine Carter from London.
Chad Michaels from California.
Kenneth Blake from Arizona.

(Sonny, Elvis)
Mark Parry
as Sonny, from London.
Mark Hussman
as Elvis, from Illinois.

Sonny Smith
from Texas, Ellis Swanson from Illinois, Cynthia Tribble from California.

The Seminars

Music Seminar
Ward Lamb
from Pennsylvania.

Career Seminar
Boston "Dann" Queta
from California.
  BostonQ on Cher
  Just Plain Cher


The Games

Trivia Game
Mary Ladd
from California.


The Museum
Boston "Dann" Queta

The DJ
Kevin & Deborah McHugh

The Website Host
Fred Seitz, George Beaver

The Press Release Man
Tim Ayers, LLC

The Charity
The Children's Craniofacial Association

Charlene Smith - (Executive Director ),
Bill Simms - (CPA, Treasurer), and the executive board members,
have been instrumental in helping with their support and suggestions.



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please send a blank email to:

In Remembrance  

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