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July 12th and 13th  Las Vegas
Riviera Hotel & Convention Center


Thanks to you...


For making this dream a reality. Thanks to everyone around the world: Australia, Canada, England, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland; and across the USA for all of your wonderful responses to the Cher Convention.



Thanks to Cher for being Cher.


Thanks to the following people for donating their time, services, travel expenses, and (in many cases) equipment to this convention, to help make more funds available for The CCA Kids:

Linda Vala from Illinois, for donating unique Cher items, many from Cher's personal wardrobe.

The Fisher Family from Arizona, for all the work in framing auction items, and for donating the materials.

Kevin McHugh of All American DJ Services from Nevada, for DJ services.


Wayne Smith from Texas, Cher Impersonator, and his assistants Sonny Smith, Craig Goad, and Randy McBrayer.

Jeffrey Thomas from Illinois, Cher Impersonator, and his assistant Ellis Swanson.

Amy Hohimer from Illinois, Cher Impersonator.

Catherine Marie Carter from London, Cher Impersonator.

Chad Michaels from California, Cher Impersonator.

Kenneth Blake from Arizona, Cher Impersonator, and his assistant Cynthia Tribble.

Mark Parry from London, Sonny Impersonator.

Mark Hussman from Illinois, Elvis Impersonator, and for his help with media contacts.

Girl Band, Lead Singer Judy Hill, from Texas.


Thanks to:

Roberta Morucci for her generous donation of artwork for the program, and painting and donating a portrait of Cher which was autographed by Cher.
Linda Vala of Valco Awards and More, Inc. for her assistance with Cher Convention Merchandise.

Mary Ladd of Pennsylvania, for the games, Ward Lamb of Pennsylvania, Boston "Dann" Queta of California, for the seminars, BostonQ of San Diego, for the museum.

Our wonderful volunteers: Dave Didelot (Judy's husband) of Indiana, Michael Didelot (Judy's son) of Indiana, Diana Fields, Boston "Dann" Queta, Karen Gaddey (Jody's sister) of Indiana, Bill McMullan of Calgary, Lana Chasca of Calgary, Carolyn Hall of Illinois, and the Wal-mart Volunteers; for their non-stop work and support for the two day event, for without them, this event would not have turned out as special.


Steve Noyes, and John Diebold of Specialized Products, from Texas, for their help in graphics work.
Eliud 'the logo man' Cabrera of Specialized Products, from Texas, for creating and donating our logo design.

Community Care Systems, for picking up the delivery expenses for Merchandise to be shipped to Vegas.

Megan Parks from Texas, for making the Cher jewelry.
Margaret Vance from Texas, for donating her help as our sponsor consultant.
Tom Grunkemeyer with Zettlers Hardware from Columbus, Ohio, for helping with our t-shirts & clocks.

Budget Rental Car, for donating a one week car rental during the convention.

Steve Ziselman the auctioneer.


Paula Stull, Rick Grove, and David Lusvardi with the Riviera Hotel for all their help and support in setting up this convention.

Roosevelt Toston with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for his help and suggestions.


Steve Ford, The Ford Entertainment Group Of Beverly Hills from California.
Deb Paull and Rose, Isis Productions from California.
Zana and Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott Management from California.


Fred Seitz and George Beaver of Directed Technologies, Inc., for donating the hosting and their assistance for this website.

Tim Ayers of Ayers Associates, LLC, of Washington D.C. for donating his help in media promotion.

Char Smith of Texas, Executive Director of the Children's Craniofacial Association for being 100% behind us from the start.
Scott Guzzo of Indiana, Robbie Gorecki of Wisconsin, their families, Char Smith, Terry Carmichael, Stephen Wright, and Andy Bartowski for attending the convention on behalf of CCA.

The Children's Craniofacial Assocation Board of Directors for their overwhelming support.


All the websites for including links to Cher Convention 2002.


All Press and Media coverage.

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