July 14th and 15th   Chicago, Illinois

Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center



Thanks to you...


For making this dream a reality. For helping to bring this together, and offering suggestions, and even more important, for your support and kind words. Thanks to everyone in the U.S. and from around the world (Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Wales) for all of your wonderful responses to the idea of having this convention. Thanks to Cher for being Cher.


Char Smith of Texas, Executive Director of The Children's Craniofacial Association for being 100% behind us from the start. Scott Guzzo of Indiana, and Leslie Upton, and their families, and the Papes for attending the convention on behalf of CCA.


Wayne Smith, Jeffrey Thomas and Amy Hohimer our impersonators, Sonny Smith, Ellis Swanson, and Mark Hussman their assistants, James Heath of New Mexico, our printer, Sharon Deutscher our Chicago liaison, Mary Ladd of Pennsylvania, for the games, Oz Krazovskis for lining up the hotel, Ward Lamb of Pennsylvania, Boston "Dann" Queta of California, and Wayne Smith for the seminars, Sally Johnson of Missouri, and kids for the museum. Boston "Dann" Queta for museum items.


Our wonderful volunteers: Dave Didelot (Judy's husband) of Indiana, Linda Alamprese, Diana Fields, Mary Carlson (Judy's sister) of Ohio, Wendy Carlson of Ohio, Brad Wright of Calgary, Rob Ward of Texas, Boston "Dann" Queta, Jolene Little, Mark Burdine of New Mexico, Karen Gaddey (Jody's sister) of Indiana, Bill McMullan of Calgary, Carolyn Hall, Brad & Utahnna Grimm of Iowa, Brian Comfort of Nevada, and Alex Allen; for their non-stop work and support for the two day event, for without them, this event would not have turned out as special.


Those who donated items to the auction: The Fisher family of Arizona, for generously donating all the framing for the posters, Kim Ritz of Utah, for generously donating an autographed Caesars Millineum Chip distributed on December 30th in Atlantic City (sold for $2,500), Bruce Gelly of New Hampshire, Boston "Dann" Queta, Carolyn Hall, Linda Alamprese, Sharon Deutscher, Oz Krazovskis, James Heath.


Mike Werdman our graphics artist with Specialized Products Company of Texas, for custom souvenir passes, the Rolling Stone petition cover, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame petition cover, the lobby events sign, variations of our logo, graphics for our convention souvenirs, design & printing of pages for our sponsor and press packets, and our Cher Convention 2000 program. Steve Noyes for his help with the graphics artwork. John Diebold with DPI, of Texas, for coordinating the printing of the Cher Convention 2000 program. Eliud 'the logo man' Cabrera of Texas, for our logo design.


Tim Ayers of Ayers & Associates, of Washington D.C. for his help in promotion. Mark Hussman for his help with media contact. Melissa Smith of Texas, with Conference Direct for discount travel arrangements.


Charles and Marion with The Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, and the beautiful Gold Room, where the evening events were held.


Stan Kotecki the photographer, Kevin Bernal the dj, Kelly Frank the auctioneer.


Steve Ford with The Ford Entertainment Group Of Beverly Hills, of California, Kaylie and Rose of California, with Isis Productions. Zana of California, with Lindsay Scott Management.


Megan Parks of Texas, for making the Cher necklaces to be sold at the convention. Geen Carroll of Texas, our jewelry consultant. Margaret Vance of Texas, our sponsor consultant. Beth Robinson & Carol Carlson of New Mexico for design & typesetting. Diana Fields for helping locate albums for our auction, and distributing signs and flyers around Chicago. Bob Sluyter owner of Shooting Stars Records & Collectibles of Carpentersville, Illinois, for helping locate sealed Cher albums. Tom Grunkemeyer with Zettlers Hardware of Columbus, Ohio, for helping with our t-shirts & clocks. Kathryn Martinez with Blythe's Sports Shop of Valparaiso, Indiana, for helping with the silk screening of our t-shirts & sailor hats. Virgin Records for donating bags.

Billy Canavan, David Tyler, David Watson, Denny Spangler, Don Lewis, Gerald Mashburn, Jeff Black, Jim Hensley, Jim Spears, John Elkington, Justin Lillis, Karen Hartstein, Kelly Johansen, Larry Carpenter, LeAnne Oldham, Michael of Vancouver, Pharo, Ralph Guadiana, Terry Stout, Tony Roseberry for placing flyers at concerts and Cher sites all over the country.

Tony Roseberry of Cherland.com for his website interview.


All Press and Media coverage.


All the websites for including links to Cher Convention 2000.